Now that you’ve got an awesome, brand new tattoo, what comes next?

Taking good care of it for the years to come. Your tattoo is an open wound and is at its most vulnerable in the first 2 to 3 days. The risks here are infection and ink loss. Infections can be picked up from clothing, linen, dirt, water and more.

To reduce this risk your artist will have offered you Snake Skin Protective Film or Tattoo Armour Pro. This will be down to the artist choice and the style and size of you tattoo.
More often we will apply Snake Skin Protective Film.

If neither product has been applied your artist will have provided you verbal aftercare advice.
Navigating the steps of tattoo aftercare doesn’t have to be overwhelming and committing to your artist’s instructions will ensure your tattoo looks fantastic for years to come.
Follow this tattoo aftercare guide for a stunning, healthy tattoo.


The protective film will prevent rubbing, itching, scabbing and more negative issues.

In most cases fluid will build up underneath the film. This is perfectly normal. Should the fluid become too much in the first 24 hours, you can return to the studio for a replacement piece of film and instructions.
When changing the film, wash gently only with water and neutral soap.

Shower – It is safe to shower using Snake Skin, just carefully wash and shower around the film dressing, keeping the shower head away from the film.


Bathe, go swimming or do anything that submerges the tattoo in water.
Sunbathe. Avoid exposing your tattoo to the sun.
Share towels etc.

7 TO 14 DAYS

It is time to remove the protective film. This is best done in the shower whilst running warm water under the film to release the glue.

After removal of the film wash the tattoo with water and neutral soap. Be sure to pat dry with a clean towel or kitchen paper towel. Do not rub.

Apply a thin layer of Underdog Tattoo Balm (this would have been provided to you in the studio and further supplies can be purchased in future) to the tattoo and rub gently until completely absorbed. We recommend Underdog Tattoo Balm as it is all natural, vegan and specifically formulated and produced in the U.K to assist with healing and moisturising.

Repeat 3 times a day ensuring you have washed your hands before each time.


Keep up a routine of washing and moisturising. Your tattoo may look flaky as it heals but this is normal. Avoid picking, rubbing or scratching your tattoo.

As your tattoo ages it will change slightly as the ink moves in the skin and new skin growth changes the shade or colour or sunlight fades the pigments. This can not be avoided and is normal. To help keep your tattoo looking its best your artist will provide one touch up session for free any time in the first 12 months.


Your tattoo can look red and swollen and ooze fluids in the first few days.

This is normal. You may even feel slightly ill in the first few days, like a cold or flu. Again this is normal as your body heals.

Should this continue longer or you have any concerns of infection, get in touch with the studio immediately.